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To provide families of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio with children that have suffered a stroke or who have hemiplegia, a foundation which allows financial assistance and education for families, raises public awareness, supports opportunities for specialized camps, scholarship awards, and money for pediatric stroke research

Mission Statement

Families will have opportunities to gain insight about their child’s overall well-being, introduce possible paths of recovery, institute ways to help each individual’s needs, gain knowledge of disabilities that may be encountered, be introduced to the IFSP and IEP process and expectations as well as be educated on what to look for, what to ask for, and how to best help their child in the public school setting.  Parents will be allowed to give their child opportunities to be involved in areas of interests such as specialized camps in the areas of music, art, sports, writing, etc.  Families will have a place where information can be shared about diagnoses, possible medical treatments, therapy programs, and research options. 


1. To raise money for research designed specifically for infants and children who have suffered strokes.

2. To provide a support group and network for the parents to be a part of and to turn to for help in times of need.

3. To design a public campaign that will help to raise more funds and awareness for infant and childhood stroke especially in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.

4. To provide information to those who are seeking support for themselves and their child or children in response to a new diagnosis, what kinds of things they might encounter, ways to cope, or how to help with sibling understanding.

5. To provide financial assistance for families whose child needs medical procedures, therapy, vision, and dental needs that are not covered by insurances, specialized therapy programs designed to enhance the use of the weak or unused side, braces, supports, and assistive technology devices that may benefit the child but tend to be extremely expensive.

6. To provide an education about types of strokes and physical, mental, emotional, and psychological obstacles associated with stroke and hemiparesis.

7. To design and organize camps that will benefit children with hemiparesis that will capitalize on strengths and improve weakness in specialized areas of interest.

8. To give children a place to find others that have some of the same difficulties as they do and share ideas and suggestions about what actions to take to overcome them.

9. To introduce the IFSP process to parents so that they can get intervention for their child as early as possible.

10. To introduce the IEP process and how to make it successful, expectations of the public school system, how to advocate for their child through the ARC committee, what due process is and when it should be used, what steps to take if their child is not receiving accommodations and modifications within the classroom, and how to keep their child from being shutout or brought down by their mental disability, physical handicap, or emotional stress. 




Updated: May 9, 2011